Career Exploration Night

Are you a veteran who has been through our VET TEC program? Or are you a veteran just getting started with our VET TEC program? Either way, be sure to sign up for this Career Exploration Night! Join us for a hands-on, interactive career exploration event where Prem will cover some of these hot topics:

  • Top Jobs to Look For
  • Where to Apply
  • How to be Proactive
  • How to Update your LinkedIn Profile
  • Resume Tips
  • Career Advice and Opportunities for Questions

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Virtual Interview

What to Expect

This is not a job fair. This is an opportunity to meet with industry professionals in an informal virtual environment. 

It is your chance to think about your career path and what matters to you. Think about what questions you have and be ready to ask them.

Young man during therapy at psychologists office

How to Prepare

Look at your resume and career plan. Figure out what is missing and what questions you have.

Look at jobs you are interested in and see how you can align your resume to match it.

Be ready to take notes and listen to other questions and things you learn.

Brunette young student using her tablet and notebook for doing homework lying in the living room


  • What are your cybersecurity career interests?
  • What is your dream job?
  • Is your resume ready?
  • Is your LinkedIn Profile updated?
  • Are you attending the Digital Natives Meetups?
  • Are you networking and reaching out to peers?
Horizontal view of woman with her curriculum vitae

Resource Guide

Use this helpful Resource Guide to learn how to customize your resume and cover letter to maximize ATS compatibility and keyword saturation. Learn where to look for jobs, how to customize your resume for results, career tips, and interview tips.